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    Smoke it - Then Sear It

    Thanks, Darryl. I usually go to 115° internal, but decided to try 110° and was not disappointed. Doing it in the smoker first gave it a very even 110° all across it - almost like sous vide, but with smoke. I got a tip a while ago to no sear it over a fire that's too hot and it works. If you...
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    Smoke it - Then Sear It

    I believe that I have some mesquite, so I'll try that. It was a fairly small chunk of pecan that I used for the same reason you say - a light, not thick smokiness. Incidentally, there was just enough left over to make a steak quesadilla for lunch the next day. I'm definitely doing that again! Jeff
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    Smoke it - Then Sear It

    Don't know why I didn't think of doing the low-temp phase on the WSM until now, but I'm never going back. It was a simple and foolproof cook. It was dry-brined with kosher salt for about 30 hours, which I'm sure helped. I read a tip from Meathead a while back that suggested resting the steak for...
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    Smoke it - Then Sear It

    Rich, it's dinner time somewhere!
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    Smoke it - Then Sear It

    For a Mother's Day treat, I picked up a Prime 3-pound, 3-inch bone-in Cowboy Ribeye. I've always use a kettle to reverse sear thick ribeyes, with a couple of baskets on one side, using the cool side to bring the meat up to about 110 internal, then searing it on the hot side. This time, I used...
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    Best new portable grills.

    I'll certainly agree with Bob. The Q is an indispensable part of my cook station. Burgers, chicken sides, veggies - it's there to lend a hand when you need it.
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    Franklin Admits to the Lawry's

    I mix my rub without salt so I can add salt according to the meat (lots for a butt; not much for ribs). Doing ribs today and found some Larry’s in the pantry. ptu a light layer on both sides of the rack and we’ll see how it goes. This is also my first hot and fast from the Bill Gillespie book...
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    Sauce for brisket?

    I’m not sure how widely it’s distributed, but Franklin’s Texas sauce and Espresso sauce are terrific - the Espresso is great on brisket. Jeff
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    Anyone read this new book on the WSM ?

    Hot and fast has often been discussed here on tvwbb, but the book organizes all the details from how to build a fire, control temps, check for doneness etc. I've been wanting to try the method and the post about the book just pushed me off the cliff. I haven't used it yet, but plan to do so...
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    Anyone read this new book on the WSM ?

    My copy arrived today. I think I need to add H&F to my routine. Ribs is 2-1/2 hours and a 4-hour brisket sound like a handy way to cook when the situation calls for it. Jeff
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    Mystery Meat Chili

    I have been making chili with leftover smoked brisket for several years and it’s killer. In fact, I always plan to have 2-3 pounds of brisket left over for just that purpose. Cube it up and use your regular chili recipe. Cook all your spice and liquid ingredients before adding the brisket and...
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    Meatheads "Reverse Sear" question

    Agree that a 15 minute rest between the initial cook and the sear is a good idea. I think Meathead also recommends that you blot the moisture off the surface of the steak and then apply a thin coat of oil just before searing. I have had good success with developing a nice crust using this tip. I...
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    Slow cooking ribs on a gas grill question

    I had some rib success with my old Genesis. The three left-to-right burners were a good setup for ribs — front burner on low with a smoke pouch, ribs near the back so that the heat/smoke flows over the ribs on its way to the vent. Usually nicely done in about 90 minutes.
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    Has Texas Brisket Peaked?

    Hey, Lynn. Back a few years, sides and desserts were a real weak point in most places -- an afterthought. They have stepped up quite a lot. Tex-Mex barbecue has been a growing trend, with some very good joints pitching in (Valentina's in South Austin is the trend setter). We went to The Switch...
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    Has Texas Brisket Peaked?

    Texas Monthly is getting ready to post their "50 Best" list and Daniel Vaughn posted a preview article talking about how excellent the briskets were wherever they went. It's an interesting article and worth a share: Jeff