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    How many folks use 1lb propane canisters on Q1200?

    My Performer and Q1200 both use the 1 lb. bottles, so it's convenient to keep a small inventory. I move the Q around, so I'm likely to stay with the small bottles. If I had a larger gasser, I'd probably get an adapter to use 20-pounders with the Q, if only as a backup. Jeff
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    I'm with Mike. I have a Performer and a WSM, but the Q1200 gets most of the day to day grilling -- dogs, burgs, chicken, thin steaks. I also use it to grill vegetables when one of the other Webers is preoccupied. Jeff
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    Offset Smoker Recommendations

    The Old Country Wrangler at $500 is pretty popular in these parts. Down here they are sold by Academy Sports. Seems to be a good design and well made for the price.
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    Alabama barbecue restaurant forced to change name

    How about Klide's BBQ? Jeff
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    I want to smoke some pastrami, need help.

    I do Chris' quick pastrami every March (there's usually a good selection of corned beef flats around St. Patty's Day). It's delicious. The only problem down this way is finding a proper Jewish rye bread. Jeff
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    How about some good music links?

    George Strait and Guy Clark can sure make a body hungry for Texas Cookin' ...
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    Would feel better bout aggressive brisket trim

    Exactly what Dustin said. "Cold" is the word. Jeff
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    Would feel better bout aggressive brisket trim

    Yeah. Whenever I trim a brisket, I cube the trimmings to about 1" and freeze them. When I get enough, I'll grind them with about an equal amount of chuck. Might even add some pork rib trimmings if there are any in the freezer. Makes for a tasty burger.
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    Keeping those wings crispy?

    Last night, I had wings at Creekside Cookers, our local (excellent) barbecue restaurant. Smoked, flash fried and doused in Thai chili sauce. Awesome. The deep smoke was highlighted by the crispiness that only frying can deliver. The Thai chili sauce was a great finishing touch that brought out...
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    Costco packer with thin flat

    Trim it off. You won't lose much and it'll fit in the WSM better. You can cut it into 1" cubes and freeze it to grind up for burgers. Jeff
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    Nice Move Chris...

    Chris, the new look is great!
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    Faux Burnt ends

    Some Central Texas restaurants (notably Kreuz's) offer shoulder clod, which is part of the chuck. It's usually the cheapest cut of the massive chuck hunk. Making burnt ends from the clod seems perfectly legal to me, and these look righteous. :) Jeff
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    Bank or Char Baskets

    I use baskets for just about all indirect cooking. This is my wing setup. That's about 3 1/2 pounds of wings. The flame is from a few small chunks of pecan. Wings are very greasy, so I always use a shallow disposable aluminum pan between the baskets to catch the fat. Saves a lot of clean up...
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    Carryover cooking, holding, and doneness of brisket

    That makes a lot of sense, Martin. I have cooled briskets to 170° then wrapped them in a cooler for 4 or 5 hours and have been surprised at how hot they still are. Using foil to wrap, there is very little liquid pooled in the foil. I think there's something to the idea that moisture gets...
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    Carryover cooking, holding, and doneness of brisket

    I have followed the TVWB advice of cooling to 170° before holding in a cooler. Maybe I should let it cool down another 10 degrees or so. The problem with the cooler is that it doesn't maintain a specific temp -- it just slows down the cooling process. Franklin sets it's warmers to 140°. We do...