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    Roadside Chicken

    This is quickly becoming my favorite marinade for chicken
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    Replacement for new kingsford?

    Adam if you are looking for Royal Oak go back to BBQ Galore and buy the Big Green Egg charcoal. Its made for BGE by Royal Oak. So is the Hasty Bake. BBQ Galore carries both of those brands.
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    No. 5 Sauce

    This sauce is simple but very good. Thanks Steve!
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    Make Your Own Mustard

    The jalapeno mustard recipe is great.
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    Fat Johnny's Bastardized Piedmont Sauce

    Thanks Keri for the recipe. Its quite possibly the best sauce I've tried since my last visit to Allen & Sons BBQ in NC.
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    Which lump?

    Has anyone tried the Royal Oak briquettes? If so, how does it compare to Kingsford?
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    ash buildup - whats going on???

    Try lightly kicking the legs of your smoker. I have the same problem from time to time and it always seems to help. Bryan
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    Cooking with wood

    Has anyone ever cooked with wood? I mean not using any charcoal? I'm thinking of using my chimney starter to burn some cherry chunks that I have. I'f there is anyone out there that has done this I would appreciate some advice on how to pull this cook off. Thanks, Bryan
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    Favorite Sauce for Ribs.

    Whats the difference between the tennessee red and the regular bbq sauce?
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    Favorite Sauce for Ribs.

    Where can i find the Blue Hog sauce online? Thanks, Bryan