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    When did it cease to be news?

    Back in the day, network news shows were produced at a loss and were funded by the entertainment divisions. Not anymore. Now, the twenty-four hour "news" shows have to stir-and-repeat the few hours of actual news to fill the rest of the day. Unless a show is publicly funded, there is a need...
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    Starting the fire without using a chimney

    That'll work. And I just bought all those expensive cubes too... :eek:
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    Starting the fire without using a chimney

    [WSM 18.5] Inspired by this thread, I started my July 3rd cook without using a chimney. I lit the fire by using a Weber starter cube placed below the charcoal grate. This may not work for anyone but me; I have modified the bowl so that that ATC air enters it from directly beneath the center of...
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    Any lepidopterists here?

    The Cecropia silkmoth. I've posted several sightings to Butterfiles and Moths of North America.
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    Independence Day Smoke?

    I'm putting on a 11 lb boneless butt at about 4 pm. Then when it comes off, I'll stoke the fires and put on three cones of spares. It should keep us in Q for a while.
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    Darn phone calls

    I don't get annoyed by spammers anymore. For the cell, I created a ringer called "Silence is Golden". It is three seconds of silence. That is now my default ringer and is for callers that are not in my contact list. Then, for those in my contact list, I assign them an audible ringer (or not...
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    Slide-Aside Lid Holder?

    Anyone else try one of these with a WSM (instead of a hinge)? I bought this a while back and only used it a couple of times on my 18.5. I had to bend it some to get the lid clearance I wanted. It's a bit of weight hanging off the side so I think a latch or two between middle and bowl may be in...
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    Has anyone heard or seen on of these yet?

    It's a nice idea, charcoal flavor with a gasser's convenience. Single-source briqs, not so nice.
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    Smaller chimney no longer available ?
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    First Timer Genesis 1000 Rehab

    Are those patches of red poking through that flat black?
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    New and smoldering

    Lump has relatively little ash. Try it. Look for Royal Oak locally. Pack it well.
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    What are your favorite BBQ tools? Best burger flipping spatula?

    The CharGon scraper is the stuff!
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    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    The updated version (1999) is available at my public library (y). On the off chance I looked and the original is available for checkout from I've added it to the ever-growing list.
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    Things Ain't What They Used to Be

    I bought a "new" Wahl Oster on ebay, $65. Ebay stat's said that 17 had been sold in the previous hour.
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    Things Ain't What They Used to Be

    I haven't cut my hair since COVID started. I was going to wait until I got a vaccine to get a hair cut. That's not going to happen. My usual crew cut is getting shaggy and its time has come. I shopped Amazon to buy a DIY hair clipper. I guess I was a little late. Many are sold out or are...