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    Chicken Thigh and Brats

    That looks great John!
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    Best pulled pork

    That is a fine looking cook Tony, nice job!
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    New Member from Frostproof, Florida

    Hi and welcome aboard!
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    New member longtime stalker

    Hi Paul and welcome aboard!
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    New Member from MA

    Hi and welcome back!
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    Hello from Richmond Virginia

    Hi and welcome aboard!
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    Greetings from Kansas City

    Hi Robb and welcome aboard!
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    New from South Carolina

    Hi Ken and welcome aboard!
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    Newbie from KY, found a CList S-670

    Hi Jeff and welcome aboard!
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    Hi from North Yorkshire

    Hi Pat and welcome aboard!
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    Hello from Mass!

    Hi Jason and welcome aboard!
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    Finally 22.5 WSM score!

    Nice score Benji, good luck with the new cooker!
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    Re-light old coals, or start with all new every cook?

    I always resue my partially burned coals. I mix them with new charcoal, it works great.
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    Friday night and I'm hungry

    Very nice Tony!