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    Snake Method Ribs

    Just buy a Guru, that's how I roll but the snake will work
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    Salmon on a Sugar Maple Plank

    Nice! Maine Wood is a small company and we buy from him when we cook at the Harpoon Brewery Vermont State Championship
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    Superstitious Ribs

    Jim, you gotta finish with the close up shot of the MilesDavis poster and the mini's! Priceless
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    What lump to use?

    Wicked Good
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    a little heat on a cold night

    Jim, I was close but never right, lol. Gonna spend some time catching up.
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    Best BBQ Book(s) - What is your "Bible"?

    KKRUGER'S book were all waiting for!
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    a little heat on a cold night

    Jim, sorry I haven't been on here in a while, whatgrate is that? The craycroft? Thanks
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    KKruger,Blues Hog Clone

    Thanks Kevin, what's the predominant spice? With my allergies it's hard me to determine. Thanks again! And I agree its too sweet.
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    Agave vs, Honey ?

    Kevin is spot on as usual.
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    KKruger,Blues Hog Clone

    Thanks Jim but keep it, looking to make lg quantity of it for this event. I have the bottled stuff already. But thanks again.
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    KKruger,Blues Hog Clone

    Kevin, no pressure, I have a chance to win 3000 for 1st place Pork in a couple weeks. I need it bad! Thanks!
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    What are some good store bought rubs?

    I like KKruger's rubs made from fresh Penzy's spice. For Commercial, try Simply Marvelous! I don't think you will be disappointed.