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    Vieluxe conversion to LP.

    I don't think a standard cheapo bbq regulator can supply the gas flow to maintain 11" wc at 126000btu/hr. The OP will probably have to go with a more expensive two stage regulator setup.
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    So this is the new Genesis

    That thing looks pretty ugly. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad if it was branded and priced as a Spirit model though.
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    2008-2010 weber genesis e310 serial

    Is that even a North American genesis? The propane hose and regulator looks a bit off.
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    Did I Miss A Q1200 Price Increase?

    I was at lowes the other day, and the rickety folding cart is now $115 cad. That's up $15 from $99 overpriced dollars. Q1200'S around here have been $299cad for the last few years while Home Depot sells them for $279cad. I can't imagine many people wanting to buy them if Weber hikes the price...
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    I will just leave this here

    That must be owned by Ronald McDonald...
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    Repairing the cook box

    Braze it with a torch and aluminum brazing rods?
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    I will just leave this here

    I think they're likely 2 u shape burners to achieve even coverage on a grill that size.
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    New Genesis for 2022 ???

    I've always wondered why this hasn't been used on grills yet. Modulating gas valves have been around 25+ years.
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    New Genesis for 2022 ???

    I noticed around here, prices of new grills have really gone up in the last couple years.
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    New Spirit Igniter Not Working

    It's not a good idea to stick your arm into the firebox while lighting the burners. If all you have is a bic lighter, use it to light something longer like a candle. Then use the lit candle to light the grill. Alternatively, light a small piece of paper and drop it into the burner area, then...
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    Passed this BM up

    Like this? I didn't know hibachi was even a brand. I always thought it was a style of grill. Lol
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    Anybody use their side burner?

    Take the Broil King IR burner retrofit kit and get creative with it...
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    Anybody use their side burner?

    I bought a BK 6 years ago and paid for the rotisserie burner and stainless grates, but skipped the side burner because I tbought I would never use it. Fast forward a few years, and Broil King now sells an IR burner retrofit kit that fits where the side burner goes. Now I'm kicking myself for...
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    Wolf $10K Built-In Grill Restore

    How do you know it's a 2009 model? According to the nameplate, the gas appliance was certified to the 1998 revision (which was issued as an addendum to the 1995 revision) of the gas safety standard, and afterwards the next version was in 2002. My guess is that your Wolf is newer than 1998, but...