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    Weber Performer Deluxe “Burner Tube” Cleaning

    I wonder if you can order the stainless screws from weber. My 2nd gen Performer had factory 304ss screws securing the table. It also came from the factory with a 304ss ash sweep and burner tube.
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    Weber Performer Deluxe “Burner Tube” Cleaning

    I think this is the best way to clean the tube. If you blow air into the tube without removing it first, you could end up blowing ashes and crap into the orifice.
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    Kettle Stainless Steel Grate

    It's part # 65057 and is $82.04
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    Kettle Stainless Steel Grate

    I guess you can also try scraping a small area of the new grate. If you see any copper colored metal when the plating is scraped off, it's a plated grate. Actually, did the replacement part have a part number on the box? It should say part # 65057 if it is stainless. I bought this Onlyfire...
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    Kettle Stainless Steel Grate

    Check the first one with a magnet. If it's good quality 304 stainless steel, the magnet will not stick or will only stick a tiny bit. The replacement should be the same. If the original was not magnetic, but the replacement is, then they sent you the plated steel grate.
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    Who Has Gas Assist But Chooses to Use Another Method to Light Coal (and why)?

    I find that gas assist + weber chimney + lump charcoal = fast start and very little/almost zero dirty smoke. Lump can be ready to grill on in under 10 minutes, and I don't have to shut all the windows before lighting the charcoal. I've tried news paper, lighter fluid etc but those methods are...
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    Onlyfire Stainless GBS Grate

    Can you post some photos and also some measurements? What is the rod diameter? What is the rod spacing?
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    New to me Platypus - One-Touch Platinum

    A brand new maroon one showed up on the local marketplace recently for around $100. It looked interesting, but I didn't pick it up, as it wasn't an improvement over the 2nd gen Performer that I already own.
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    I will just leave this here CharQ for $80 cad! And a nearly new Canadian edition q1200 for $50
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    I will just leave this here

    Yea, I believe they try to convince you to send your phone number associated with facebook account. Next they try to reset your password. When fb sends you the 2factor code, the scammer will claim they're sending you a code to text back to them so they can verify that you're a real person...
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    I will just leave this here Brand new Weber One Touch Platinum for $125cad pesos! Pretty tempting at that price, but I already have a Gen 2 Performer. These even have the 304 stainless ash sweeps that are now discontinued.
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    Weber Rotisserie Kit for 22 Inch Kettle

    Yup, the pizza combo one doesn't come with the counterweight. Aside from pizza vs no-pizza, the kits have quite a few differences between them. The roti-only one has a lot of people complaining about lid fitment issues. The pizza-combo one has better rotisserie forks etc. It's like different...
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    Weber Rotisserie Kit for 22 Inch Kettle

    I recently purchased the Onlyfire pizza/rotisserie combo from Amazon Canada. It was a great deal considering what is included. Ring fitment is decent. The ring is 430SS so it should last forever. The spitrod is non-magnetic stainless steel. I believe the forks are also stainless. Only...
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    I will just leave this here

    Another nice thing about older Performers is that the One Touch ash sweeps were stainless steel. Now the sweeps are aluminized steel.
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    The Elusive 225

    And still better than most of the local bbq houses where I am. Aside from maybe the annual fair, good bbq is non-existant around here. I guess smoking is just not popular where I am. I saw the local hardware store selling the Weber Summit E6 for $999cad (approx $750usd).