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Hello, is this performer worth $100. It's listed for $125 and I think they'll take a hundie. He also stated it has no dent etc, and is in excellent shape.
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Being an older SS model with the gas assist there is some desirability to those as some prefer the SS to the composite top they now have (which I also have). I would guess the price is a little high as I've seen the SS ones selling here for $60-$80, but if it's super clean and you don't have to replace parts it may be well worth it. I have to let someone else address the older gas assist as those bottles may not be able to be refilled due to age and safety requirements and I'm not familiar with the way they hook up. If you do get it you will really like the features of the performer. Also don’t snooze if you want it as they sell really quick!
Good Luck
I looked at the rest of his pictures...odd that he doesn't show any inside pics.
It's probably been outside all its life....sunlight kills the whitewalls.

From what I can see, it looks to be dusty but in good shape.
Ask for some inside pics.
Ask if the gas assist works.
Ask if the propane tank has an OPD valve (current standard and necessary to be able to refill)
I believe that unit shipped with charcoal baskets and possibly a grill cover.

Review all of that with him and then make your offer.

If everything checks out, $100 would be a fair price in my local market.
I'm going to look at it later today. The propane tank isn't much of a concern to me since I have another one to replace it with.

I was actually going to buy a new one this weekend, but if I can save $250, that would be great.
Thanks for the helpful replies. He is actually selling for his neighbor which has recently been widowed, so I'll need to check it out myself.
I'm going to look at it later today. The propane tank isn't much of a concern to me since I have another one to replace it with.

I was actually going to buy a new one this weekend, but if I can save $250, that would be great.
Good luck !

The SSP is great model, especially a later model like that one (looks like) with its 2nd generation ash pot and possibly OPD.
I prefer these classics over the current Performers.

Keep in mind that this Performer takes a specific size propane tank (2-1/2 gallon) and most people don't have these lying around...(they cost $45 - $50 new).
If this one has the OPD valve it's a big plus because you don't have to pay to convert it.

I suppose it could be "ghettoed" with a common 5 gallon tank or converted to the little greenies.
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After a little research, I found out that tanks with a triangular shut-off valve are OPD, which this one seems to fit the bill.
The covers for these are harder to locate and cost ten fifteen bucks more that said I like this cooking surface better the access to the coal storage better. The large tank is very nice could last you five years.
The rest can be fixed and or repainted.
Since CL is being known all prices are on the up side there are still deals out there. Anyway if I was wanting a performer older style I would work my best deal and buy this one. Start at 80.00
The propane tank is a 5 lb tank and likely has the quick release valve connection. Check the date on the tank (it is stamped on the handle) and if it is over 12 years old, use it as a bargaining chip, as a new one costs $50+. The date on the tank likely is a quick way to point out how old the grill is too (obviously the vent code is the best indicator, but not many of us have the codes memorized). Keep in mind that you can refill it yourself or have a kid at your propane station do it and they last a long time.

Check to see if it ignites - again, if it doesn't, you have another bargaining chip - the burner tube often get spiderwebs in it and is easy to clean and get going, so keep that in mind. Basically, point out the imperfections and try to work the price down. Starting at $60 to $75 isn't an insult, and bargain to where you feel comfortable.
I went ahead and bought it. The tank's still full and it was only used a few times. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. I sprayed it off with a hose and it looks great! It's a DU, so it's a 2002 model. The stainless is unscratched and I'm very happy to say the least. It's the $100 I've spent for a while.

Bad pics to follow.
congrats on the score! On a side note, when it comes time to refill the tank, do not go and buy a new 50.00 tank, just have the one on it re-certified. It's a lot cheaper.
I had 4 done that way.
Beautiful !
Well done, sir.

It's a 2.6 gallon tank (11#)...$56 and change at HD!
We refer to these as 2-1/2 gallon tanks and use those and the 1 gallon (4.25#) size for winter boat fishing (heaters).
Always best to use the gallon size to describe because that's how the fuel is purchased.
Great, you have the heavy duty wire longer made.
The ash sweep is probably the later and better "H" drive and maybe stainless.

I thought the last production year for SSP was 1999.
This is sweet to get one made later with all the upgrades (ash pot, H drive and OPD)

My dream machine is a black SSP with a Cajun Stacker.
Here's a similar redhead...

Nice pickup, congrats on your first SS! $100 is fine for what you got. Those wire char baskets are sweet!

Mine is the go-to workhorse in my stable, just a great and convenient cooker And yes, as anyone who has a SS performer would attest, it is a 5 lb propane tank, not an 11 lb tank. Weber sold them with that sized tank - not sure if you have quick release or standard connector. The quick release came with a brass adapter - see if was left in your charcoal bin if you have the quick release. Some propane refillers will recertify a tank for an additional 5 years. If your grill was a 2002, it might have a few months left before the initial certification expires. This past winter I refilled the two tanks I have from my 20 lb tank, but that is definitely a do at your own risk type of thing. If your tank is full, I wouldn't worry as the propane will last a long time.
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