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Need to get more use out of my WSM 18" "Classic" that I bought new in the year 2008. Not too interested now in doing long drawn-out smoke sessions but using it more to accompany my Weber Performer Deluxe(WPD) when added grilling space is needed. So, looking to add a Cajun Bandit Rotisserie and the SlowNSear Charcoal Basket to the WSM even though I now have a Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit and SlowNSear Plus for my WPD.

However, the cost and Costa Rican import fees of these two(2) items are high and I could apply these funds to a gas grill bought here in Costa Rica.

So, The other option is to replace the WSM with a Gas Grill like a WeberQ or Weber Spirit II as Storing Space is very limited.

Your comment(s) to the above will be greatly appreciated.
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Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
That’s a tough one, I am pleased with my “workhorse” Overperformer,
The Genny and the 18” WSM, they all have their strong points, tomorrow I will probably go for the 22” end of the Overperformer and the gasser Vortex some wings on the kettle and do burgers on the gasser.
If you are not really using the WSM, off it and get the rotisserie and a Q? One thing I did with my roti, is I added some small 1/4 x 20 studs in four spots around the ring and now I can use two grates if I have a lot of things to do.
Sorry Richard I’m not going to be much help. I just told you to buy it all!
So you want more grilling capacity, don't care much about smoking, and can only have two units.

Option 1 -- off the WSM and add a gasser. To the extent you ever need to smoke, you can do that in the Performer. Although that would work best if you added the SnS. So getting kind of spensive.

Option 2 -- keep the WSM and outfit it better for grilling. The WSM is only 18 inches, so it gets pretty small capacity wise if you do side-to-side direct/indirect zones (like a SnS). For $70, I added the CB extended brackets which gives you an extra grate. That's also useful for grilling. You can use the full size of the cooking grate, and you adjust the heat by moving the grate vertically. If you put the charcoal unit on the water pan tabs, then the middle grate position is 5 inches away, and the top is 11 inches away. Think like a Santa Maria grill.

Option 3 -- get a second kettle. And spring for a SnS for smoking.

Kyle in Woodstock

I think he already owns a SnS that he uses in his Performer. So think he's got smoking covered.

Just from reading your posts, it sounds like you might be able to sell your WSM for a good amount since they don't come up for sale that often in Costa Rica. I'd sell it and use the money towards another grill that you will use more often.

Now....Weber Q vs Spirit.
The Q is a very nice little work horse offered in 3 different sizes. All 3 are great cookers. Two smaller ones are much more portable if that is a concern.
I've had all 3 sizes over the years and there was a time where a Q200 (now called the Q2000) was my only grill. It's a really nice size and can handle much more food than you expect. I now have a Q320 (now called a Q3200) and really like it. Has more capacity and dual burners.

I've bought and sold a few Spirit grills, but have never owned one. They are the cheapest model Weber offers and you can tell. If you plan on keeping the grill for a number of years, I would avoid this model. It's not bad, but If I was deciding between the Q or a Spirit, I'd go Q all day.

Richard in NS

I am with Kyle. Off the WSM and go with a Q2200 or 3200 depending on the size you need. There is just so little to go wrong with the Q grills and you have the other cooking options coverd with the performer deluxe.
I recently purchased a Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Kit which now sits atop my Weber Performer Deluxe when not-in-use. If I really get into Rotisserie Grilling I am now thinking of purchasing a stand-alone Weber Kettle primarily for Rotisserie Grilling. That new Weber Mastertouch has caught my attention with the new colors. So, my trusty WSM 18" Classic days may be numbered to make room for a new kettle and a WeberQ.
Thanx to all with your excellent advice!
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