WSM 22' For Belgium


bert imbrechts

New member
Is it possible to get one in Belgium, or nearby countries? Europe?

No, they won't come to Belgium. Only the small ones. I talked to the importer and to Weber America about it and they both say there is no marked for it in Belgium.
Worst off all, they are probably right, because most of the people here never heard about low and slow, smoking... Barbecuing here is grilling at very high temperatures.
So I believe I have to take my swimming shorts and come to America.

No, I've send emails to importers of different countries in Europe with the same question. So I hope in an neighbour country they import the 22'.
Bert, any luck yet?

I haven't been on this forum in several weeks due to the holidays and the birth of my first child, but I just now saw a post by you and noticed you are in Belgium. Where exactly? I live in Brasschaat and I think I can safely say I have the only WSM in the area. The local weber retailer was almost shocked when I ordered it. He had never had anyone ask about one let alone actually buy one.