WSM 14" Mod: Charcoal Grate/Chimney



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This is a mod I have created, and have been using with my WSM 14", but it also works with my WSJ 14" as well. I like to light my smoker using the minion method, and this works very well. The video link is

It works in my WSJ 14" as a simple charcoal chimney. I no longer worry about my wood decks.



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LarryL, Sorry about the late response. I built the cone, attached to the grate, then removed the portion of the grate below the cone.
This allows the use of any firestarters, including newspaper. The extra space gives newspaper enough room to light and burn properly.
I will shoot a short video and post.

Lee Ingraham

That's pretty neat! I wonder if you could attach the cone to the minion can and make it hinged so when you pick it up the coals would dump out and you wouldn't lose any capacity to the cone. (I have a 14.5" WSM as well and know that every coal counts!)


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The top of the cone on my current version is less than 2" above the charcoal grate. The loss of a few coals at the bottom can easily be made up by adding a few more at the top. If the cone ( even hinged / attached to canister ) sits on a flat charcoal grate, it doesn't provide the extra space needed for lighting with newspaper as I described above. I like being able to choose any firestarter, and it is much safer for the canister to be streamlined without anything attached when I use it to light my smokey joe. It allows every bit of the hot coals to stay in the grill, and not run the risk of a small ember landing on my deck.

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Definitely very nice idea! Isn't the WSM18 and 18" kettle much more popular than the WSM14? If so wouldn't that be a better place to start? I guess depending on how it does he could move up the line.