Winners: $25 Amazon Gift Cards

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Congratulations to the 20 winners of a $25 Amazon gift card, picked by random drawing from 111 valid entries.

Thanks to all for your support of TVWB these past 22 years and TVWBB these past 20 years!
  1. Gal Barnea
  2. Tom Bowman
  3. Rickey Brandini
  4. Tim Bury
  5. Sheila Cochran
  6. Kelly Coplen
  7. Dustin Dorsey
  8. Travis Eisenhauer
  9. Brian Fletcher
  10. Matthew Heney
  11. Charles Hoffman
  12. Bruce Jacklin
  13. Maclane Jones
  14. Martha Keister
  15. Karl Quist
  16. Thomas Raveret
  17. Rolando Rocha
  18. Kyle Tiedt
  19. Steve Tipps
  20. Jesse Winn
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Chris Allingham

Staff member
Amazon tells me that the following three folks have not yet received their $25 Amazon gift cards:

Tom Bowman
Maclane Jones
Thomas Raveret

I'm not sure that's accurate, Amazon also says that Bruce, Karl, and Kelly did not receive their gift cards, yet they each acknowledged receipt with a post on the forum.

In any event, if you're Tom, Maclane, or Thomas, please check the email account you used to register for the prize drawing!


Maclane Jones

TVWBB Member
Thanks for the gift card Chris. I haven't claim it because I don't have a Amazon account but I know what I want now a basket for my rotisserie so I can do spatchcok rotisserie chicken so I get it done thanks again