Winner: Custom 40th Anniversary Glen Blue WSM

Is that a big bass instrument in the case? Or only used for big paying jobs...
Yes... that is a 5/4 size "professional" B&S tuba. No, I'm not a professional player, strictly amateur. I play in a very good community band, the Placencia Symphonic Band, but we're still waiting to reconvene due to the pandemic. I really need to take it out and make sure everything still moves...
Will you be able to transport it with sufficient fuel (briquette/lump) to various functions with what appears to be a tuba case? 🍽

Congratulations btw.
I'm calling her Lil' Blue for now, might come up with something more creative later. She arrived yesterday afternoon as I was currently smoking a chuck roast on the kettle. Chris did a great job packing her up, no shortage of "FRAGILE" stickers either. No damage to either the outer or inner box, she made it safe and sound. Photos below show me unpacking her and the assembled piece. Funny, my wife was still skeptical of this being a legit contest until it actually showed up. (lets face it there are a lot of scams out there) but I knew this was the real deal! Upon assembly, I can now truly see just how beat up my old WSM really was, especially the access door. No wonder I was having trouble getting that one below 275.

Thanks all for the congratulatory comments. Now I need to decide on what and when my first cook will be.

I'm a pretty big dude (6'4"), so she looks even smaller in comparison. No kokes about my skinny chicken legs, please. I've already heard them all! :D
Congratulations Jason! If I had won that beauty I'd have that big ol' smile myself. Keep us posted on its future.
Belated congratulations, Jason. And thanks for sharing your pics. Now post up some pics of that first cook.