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Any recommendations on commercial or home wine glass cleaning solutions. I've used the Wine Enthusiast Stem Shine brand for a few years and it lasted forever, but it is now $30 (as opposed to about $12 when I bought years ago.)

Thanks in advance.
Cannot say I have ever had a problem getting perfectly spotless wine glasses by just using fresh/clean dishwater and a microfiber cloth and a hot water rinse. I swear by Dawn Ultra dish soap personally. Another clean microfiber cloth to wipe dry as we have fairly high mineral water so this eliminates any water spots by drip drying. Clean wash cloth, fresh/clean dishwater, and clean drying cloth.
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The cheap every day wine glasses go in the dishwasher.

I hand wash my "nice" wine glasses with whatever dish soap I have ( usually Dawn ) then dried and polished with a flour sack cotton tea towel.
Now I feel ashamed of myself :(. Mine haven't seen anything other than the dishwasher.
Mine either went stemless many years ago after breaking about every one of the ones with stems on the granite counters. I think we might have 5 or 6 crystal ones with stems that are in a cabinet with a glass door for looks would not even dream of using them.
That's OK..we had to stop making wine at home because wife was drinking right from the carboy! :) Never made it to bottling!!
When we were kids, Grandpa made wine and grappa. Then the wine making moved to our house. It was a little more convenient I guess. Of course this was not the same as where grandpa lived where in his little enclave in Chicago many households still spoke Italian. But, by early HS (at least for me as the oldest), the new neighborhood (a VERY close in suburb to Chicago but no Italian spoken mostly Hebrew) the many boxes from grapes piled outside and the distinctive aroma of fermentation was a strange sight indeed. We were quite the neighborhood curiosity
Dad, would move the aged wine to carboys. Since I was tall and pretty strong it then became my job to siphon from aging barrels to carboys then place them on a shelf. From the carboys dad would fill gallon jugs for consumption and for distributing to uncles, grandpa, cousins and such. It also became my job to fill those jugs.
Sometimes getting that siphon started was not easy and many times I came up from the basement.................well...........staggering just a bit :D
All suggestions appreciated as long as no one says "Box Wine Is Just As Good!".

The reason I ask is that I have tried homemade solutions, used the dishwasher and just used Dawn. Nothing seems to give it the sparkle as does the Wine Enthusiast Stem Shine. It is very unlikely they make their own so it is probably a private label thing and I was hoping to get a suggestion on that. Thanks again all.

I've tried a few (several) canned wines when out on the road for motorcycle trips. Having said that, they are not horrible, but I wouldn't call them good either. They are better after having something else first. :cool:
Nothing seems to give it the sparkle as does the Wine Enthusiast Stem Shine.


Clean is clean. Just one of those things that does make sense to me - that product A could be better than product B if they both achieve 100% clean? Marketing hype? Often, impressions are shaped by expectations - proven fact. Would be an interesting blind experiment. That said, the one recommendation I hear often is NOT to use a dishwasher as they can leave a residue from the rinse agent on the glass. Hand washing with a high quality detergent eliminates that issue.
Some dishwasher detergents combined with some water can etch the glass. My last home seemed to do that to my glassware, but not my current home, or maybe I changed DW detergent along the way.

I don't get film on my glasses.