Why our prize drawings are restricted to US residents only


Chris Allingham

Staff member
This question comes up occasionally and it popped up again today from a TVWB Facebook follower.

I run these prize drawings throughout the year as a way of saying "thanks" to all of the great people who visit and support TVWB and TVWBB. Unfortunately, I do not accept entries from outside the United States for several reasons:
  • Contests/prize drawings/sweepstakes are heavily regulated in many countries. I barely understand the laws here in the U.S., its 50 states and Washington, DC much less in Canada, the U.K., Norway, Australia, etc. I'm not sure it's possible to develop a prize drawing that complies with all laws in all countries so that everyone can participate.
  • Shipping physical prizes outside the U.S. costs more money and involves customs paperwork, and not all prize sponsors are willing to ship internationally.
  • Offering gift certificates outside the U.S. can be complicated. For example, last time I checked, an Amazon.com gift card that I purchase in the U.S. cannot be spent on Amazon.uk or Amazon.de. The winner ends up using the card on Amazon.com and may have to pay high international shipping charges and in some cases duties and taxes upon receipt. Also, it's a hassle trying to purchase gift cards in foreign currency using a U.S. credit card and then paying a currency conversion fee that increases the cost of the prize to me.
I know this is disappointing to some members, but please know that I appreciate you and your understanding in this matter. I hope you continue find the free content offered on TVWB and TVWBB to be valuable.

Chris, absolutly understand, and not a problem here. As Rich L. has said, thank you for all the good work. Your site is a wealth of information, populated by good and helpful people.(What the internet should be,but so often is not)
It is a pleasure to be a part of it all.
I have even been able to make new friends on the other side of the world through your site.

Just please keep doing what you do!
No worries Chris....us Canadians have had the "border shipping blues" for decades, so certainly nothing new. Thanks for everything you do here and your thoughtfulness in your comments.
It's wonderful comments like above that make me proud to be a member.

I would like to submit CHRIS ALLINGHAM for the lifetime BEST ADMINISTRATOR AWARD!!!!!!!

I agree...and would LOVE to send him an award...but, well, you know...can't get that across the border! You'll have to accept a verbal recognition! :cool:
Chris, you know I'd be here for the content and camaraderie prizes or no.....and I'm certain that goes for a very large percentage of the visitors here. The searchable content combined with the "on-demand" interaction when one has questions, requests, or just wants to share could easily be on a VISA commercial as "priceless". Been here since '02, haven't won anything (yet), and it doesn't bother me a bit.

I love that you DO have the contests and prizes as it draws in new membership, which keeps things fresh, and new ideas flowing.

Now, about the shipping address you need for that Glen Blue 14"...... :)