What Will You Smoke For Smoke Day This Year?

Dan C. FL

Got my shirt, getting ready to raid Lowe’s, got beef ribs, and getting either baby backs or spares. Tonight, I’m doing wings on the kettl with the vortex. Sunday and Monday are up in the air because we might get a tropical storm. It’ll probably be west of here, so we’ll just be wet.


lol I thought that was a charcoal selection, Bob! OMG might as well but precooked bacon! ����


Going with Ribs and Beer Can Chicken tomorrow to celebrate Smoke Day. This will be my 5th Smoke Day after being shut out by Mother Nature last year.

C Dax

New member
Weekend in the mountains. Already took Short Ribs off 2 hour smoke. While ribs braise in red wine we at checking dogs for ticks. Zero on one, 5 on the other so far. FUN

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Everything came in right on schedule here! Best brisket (Texas style) pulled pork was a hit, Mac and cheese, bacon tots were a bit hot for some but, have a beer and another one! Sausage was excellent, the killer was 95 degree heat! But through good umbrella placement and a really lovely black walnut tree, no one suffered heat stroke! Food coma, yes a little sunburn, maybe but, it was a grand day! Sorry no pix, too busy. Twelve hours nonstop settingup and managing flow and everything. Will finish teardown today and have a brisket sandwich for lunch!
John Wayne would have fit right in on his birthday!


We got the ribs in yesterday (beer can chicken will have to wait for another weekend). An hour into the cook, mother nature showed up in the form of a thunder storm and 40 minute down pour. Made 3 racks using the Basic Baby Back Ribs recipe found under Cooking Topics, they turned out awesome! Total cook time was around 4 hours 45 minutes despite the storm. :wsm: