What is best controller for WSM?


Cee El

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Love my FireBoard drive 2. Yeah the WSM doesn’t take much work but it’s awesome to set up ribs and leave them for 3 hours while I play some video games, and then only have to spritz an hour. Best of both worlds
I have a DigiQ DX2 & DX3, though I only ever use the 2. I monitor my pit and meat with a ThermoWorks Smoke and Gateway. I was looking at the Fireboard 2 a few days ago as an all in one. You guys have convinced me to look again. Thank you.


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It’s not always readily available.
LOL, as I say, use the gear to help you get started and eventually adapt and adjust to the physical feel of the protein you are BBQ-ing. Especially for someone who is a noobie like myself, I'm scared ****less of ruining an expensive cut of meat. But now that I have over a handful of cooks under my belt, I'm more confident of handling the smoker!

Fred BW

I use IQ 110 as well. I was looking for a magnet goose neck or similar to hang my 110 as well as my Smoke 2 while cooking. Have you seen anything that works?
I just have a milk crate I use. I have a tupperware container with holes cut into it that I can put the controller in in case it rains. Which has come in handy many times. I also have a Thermoworks smoke i sometimes use. There is plenty of room on the milk crate for gadgets


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I know I am late to this party (thread), but I love my Thermoworks Signals. The Signals was a Christmas present to myself. The ability to monitor the pit via phone app or computer is a big plus for me, also I love that I can download data and graph the cook. I strongly considered the Smoke X; nice picture John K. I just added the Billows (20% sale) and now looking for a day above 35 degrees to try it. I did a months worth of searching and online reviews before making my decision. On the chopping block were Smoke X and FireBoard 2 (with and without Drive). Both strong contenders, in my opinion.
What sold me was repeated reviews stating Thermoworks was the experts on temperature equipment and I have a Thermapen Mk4.