What do you do with your foil drippings?


Bill Thompson

TVWBB Member
What do you do with the drippings left in the foil from your butts and ribs? I have started supersonic the fat and adding the drippings to my chopped pork before vacuum sealing. It always seems to make it a little greasy. What do you do with it? Any other uses for it?

RJ Humphrey

TVWBB Member
Last 30-45 minutes of a rib cook the ribs are removed from the foil and placed on the grill grate. Drippings are strained, reduced by 50% on the stove top and added to homemade BBQ sauce and used to glaze ribs.

Pork butt dripping are used in a homemade finishing sauce and added to the shredded pork before serving. Drippings are also added to the vacuumed sealed pork to add moisture.