Went out for milk, came home with another Weber

No more griping about loading a Silver C into the minivan after seeing this. Good deal and great job hauling it!

It does seem around here that the last week of the month is when these deals pop up most often. I'm thinking it's due to renters/home buyers moving out that can't or don't want to move them.
Thats one hell of a score!!! Especially with the rod grates --- I've never been a fan of the removable center CI grates myself, altho they seem best suited for a 3 burner with the burner right below. I'm still waiting to run into a free 3 burner spirit --- I think its just about the perfect size and I like the N/S vs the E/W burners --- but I will always keep a 3 burner genny B around.
I wonder about finds like that and why? I got a good deal for my 14.5 WSM, but not free! But like this Spirit, once I got past the surface grime and the soot inside, it was basically brand new! I just assume someone bought a smoker (grill), didn't know what they were doing or decided that maybe by getting something bigger they could cook better? Sometimes we get lucky and just need to breath a simple "thanks".