Weber's Kickin Chicken



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Normally I like my own home made rubs, but Weber's kickin chicken is da bomb
In my cayenne brine over night and then rubbed down with the kickin chicken



Two hours at 300, hit the IT of 165



Was barely able to even get it on a plate. 5 people ate these birds in 10 minutes (if 10 minutes) the kickin chicken is da bomb



Since I've never brined and I'd like to try it, can you shed some light on your brine process?

Your chicken looks Kickin..............I love that rub toooooo....we use it all the time and you can pick that stuff up cheap in the early spring.....


T Waite

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Birds look great. Agree on the KC, did a bird yesterday with it on the kettle. Mixed WKC with some unsalted butter and slathered it under the skin, then a sprinkle more on top. Delicious.

Robert T

Chuck I am also curious about the cayenne brine. I agree with you that Weber's kickin chicken is the real deal. Your chicken looks outstanding. The golden brown color looks so good. Great cook as usual!


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Looking good! But, what is a cayenne brine?
My brine is:

1/4 cup salt
2/3 cup sugar
Teaspoon or so of onion powder
Teaspoon or so of paprika
Teaspoon or so of garlic salt
TWO teaspoons of cayenne

We have a pretty large crockpot, I can fit the two birds in it. I put them in, fill it until they are covered in water and then take them out. I make note how much water is left, and dump it out. I then mix up the above mentioned brine and fill the crockpot to the noted water line (less than 3 quarts) after I put the birds in and seal the crockpot with poly vinyl (saran wrap) and they brine away for no less than 18 hours. I rinse the birds really good and then let them sit for a couple hours and then rinse them again. I pat them dry with paper towels and then rub them down, this cook with Weber's Kickin Chicken. They probably were in the rub for 3 hours before going on the cooker

It's always good, but this time it was amazingly good. Still don't have crispy skin, so far the only time I get crispy skin is when I cook in my gasser indirect, and that's been several years ago when it rotted out.

FWIW, Weber also makes a beer can chicken rub. It does not compare to the Kickin Chicken.

Barb D

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Those birds look awesome great job, that kickin chicken seasoning is really great stuff.