Weber SmokeFire Sear+ ELX4 Pellet Grill or Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill, Black, 2nd Generation


Garvin R

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I have fallen hard for my pellet grill but it's a portable grill that I want to keep in my SUV when I what to hit the trails etc. But for the house I was told I could get another one to keep here but only the smaller size. My portable pellet grill is a Camp Chef and it's great but I like my Weber's so I'm coming to you guys and gals for help!!
Just get the EX4 and keep your additional $300

There’s just nothing to justify the additional money, other than fancy grates.
You get a left side shelf, better casters, a bigger upper rack (where a decent number of people do most of their smoking on the SmokeFire), plus the crafted system with the sear grate. All for the price of just the crafted+sear if you decide you want it later for some reason. All in addition to the hopper changes that should be less prone to flameouts, unless they started retrofitting that on Gen 2 models?
ELX4. The Sealth version incorporated redesigned hopper, glow plug harness, and fire pot plus several other upgrades. The Sear + added the side shelf, folding upper cooking grate, and the Crafted stuff. In my opinion the upgrades are more than worth the additional cost. Good luck deciding.
No matter what you choose. You're gonna love pellet cooking. Right now smoke coming out nicely from Big Z for some beef ribs 😋. Smell is wonderful. It's a whole new world.