weber Q300 series trolley's with 4 wheels


bill h

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It is hard to maneuver the weber Q320 around especially with a full 9k-20lb gas bottle. I copied some pictures I saw on the aussie bbq forum. Has anyone seen these new Q trolleys with 4 wheels or know where to get them?




Bill Freiberger

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I think the two wheel version would be fine if the grill locked into place. It's very difficult to left the one end from the handle. Weber usually does a good design job, but I think they really dropped the ball when it comes to the Q carts.



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Why do they get all the good stuff? Sigh....... Weber really does not like us here in the US do they?

Joe Anshien

I think I may have come up with a fairly good solution. I put 2 work bench wheels on my Q320. See pics. I got these from Amazon. The grill is flat and level when wheels are up and moves around much better when wheels are down. 4 wheels where only $20 so really only a $10 fix with 2 wheels left over. The wheels raise the grill 3/4" off the ground and is the best / cheapest solution I could think of so far.


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Joe Anshien

Yes, they stay down. The only thing I'm noticing is since the wheels are not directly under the legs they may not swivel as fast (change direction), but I remember having the same issue on some 4 caster grills. This was quick and easy and about $20. The next option would be to trim off about 1-2" of the legs and mount an L bracket like this guy (even though I bet he didn't, and his grill is now not level)


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Yeah I am kinda anal about the grill being level. So if I did this one I would cut off about an inch, but your mod seems to be best of all. Though I may still do the angle material bracket and simply cut off the bottom inch. Angle grinder makes quick work of that :D


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If you do the angle bracket solution, I suggest you keep the wheels as far to the outsides as possible. I know those Q3xx grills are already a bit top heavy and tend to rock if moving them on non-flat ground.

Jon Tofte

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If you can get another donor Q300 you could just swap out the flat bottom side with another wheel side and have the Aussie version :unsure: .

Jon Tofte

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I suppose that it would not be the best turnaround setup, but the big Q isn't very heavy, so lifting it an inch off the ground to change its direction wouldn't bother me. It would still be a lot easier to move around than the stock US setup.