weber Q300 series trolley's with 4 wheels


Joe Anshien

Very pleased this new-to-the-forum member could spark such interesting conversation! You've now challenged me to find both a useful and aesthetic solution. (And still waiting in case anyone thinks there's a better small-grill option out there!)
The Q's are like the Australian national grill. Weber sells a built in model there as well as other parts you can not get in the US


TVWBB Emerald Member
I don’t find the 320 to be hard to move at all. Then again I don’t move it much if ever. I like Joe’s wheel idea.


If you can get another donor Q300 you could just swap out the flat bottom side with another wheel side and have the Aussie version :unsure: .
I think this would be an excellent mod. You can simply lift one end when you want to turn. Basically what you do now anyways. How oftern do you move your Q anyways. Moving it straight for long distances is what tires me after all.