Weber Grilling Station

Kyle in Woodstock

TVWBB Super Fan
It's interesting. Not very portable. Certainly the way to go if you have rusty frame. I doubt he will get his asking price for that. Pain to move and it'll need a large area to go in


TVWBB Hall of Fame
Thing's gotta weigh a ton. Looks cobbled together from something else, almost cut in half.



TVWBB Olympian
I think that rig is meant to be like a built in grill that is stationary. I would never pay what he is asking. If I wanted something like that, I would make it myself to my own specs, but I can't envision myself wanting something like that either.

Sam Bee

TVWBB All-Star
Yah, I'm not interested in it and the asking price is too much but I kind of like the concept. Just put some heavy duty casters and it could be somewhat portable.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Well, I’m not buying it. If I wanted to make a stationary outdoor kitchen, I would do something far different and more elegantly designed. If he gets a hundred bucks he should be doing a happy dance!

Chris in GA

TVWBB Super Fan
To me looks like and accident waiting to happen. All wood enclosure around a 500 degree grill. Totally wrong idea.