Weber Family Portraits


Darryl - swazies

TVWBB All-Star
I will need to take a picture in a day or two.....The 4rth member of the family is currently in shipping, should arrive any day.
They are all even matching so that is alright in my books. The wife thought it would look better with new patio furniture because of a all the matching que's. Holy.

Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
I though you had charcoal bans???
Maybe I am confused.
That's correct we do have a ban and that's why my only charcoal grill now is my blue performer that's at the end of the right hand row, all the others are gone.
I still have the SJ that makes up the top and bottom of the mini WSM on the left side but never use it.
If you look closely at the kettle behind the black performer in the front of the right row there is a gas valve attached to the leg, that kettle has a gas conversion kit that was sold by Weber in New Zealand and Australia but never in the USA. It was gift from a friend that lives in Australia. Makes the greatest chicken, that one I still have.


Darryl - swazies

TVWBB All-Star
I finally was able to round the whole family together, it is pretty hard these days.
Just got the jumbo joe today and giving it a good heat before I make drums on it for dinner tonight


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