Weber # 88217 part... need to locate the 3 screws...!!


Kelvin in AB

Here is the Schematic...

the 3 screws i need are part number 88217... having a hard time finding them!

It's what they call the hardware for the burner tubes ---

32 88217 Hardware for burner tubes, Genesis '09

any help would be great thanks... when i took the 3 screws out to replace the regulator. The 3 screws come out with a little elbow grease but when i tried to install all 3 again they just will not go back in... i cleaned out the holes ... they have very little rust on them ... i thought that maybe 3 new screws might do the trick. thanks

You will probably hear this from others, too. The best plan - and even what Weber now says - is to LEAVE THEM IN when you work on your grill. They aren't intended to lock your burners down but to just serve as "notch" guides. You are fortunate that your old ones were in such good shape. Quite often they just break off and then you are in a real fix, thus the advice to leave them alone.

You can get new screws, but it sounds like what you really need is to open up your holes a little bit. I will let others way in. If consensus comes down that you really do need new screws, I might be able to help. I will have to see what I have in my parts bins. Seems like I may have brand new ones.
Yes i did think that i might need to tap the holes a we little...!! only the center screws has a washer, other 2 no washer.
i'll try a little lubrication on them... it might help them to go in just a little more... i hand threaded them in with my finger and then used a Flat head screw driver i could get maybe 1 to 2 revolutions of the screw thats it. I did not want to use the socket head on them...
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Okay i tried rotating the screws around and i got the Center screw with the washer all the way in, other 2 not so much. I do realize my Weber E320 is 10 years old and your correct I'm lucky they came out.
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If you're referring to the screws on the air shutters number one why even touch them?! Number 2 they're simple sheet metal screws simply get them from a hardware store
These are the screws that are on the END of the Burners ( left hand side) ... the Weber E 320 is the Right side controls the 3 burners are from left to right
I'm amazed you actually got these out of the firebox! I have read several times on TVWBB about people breaking them off causing all sorts of issues. Like the others have said, you could have left them in place. You should be able to get the ones you have to thread back in. They don't have to be firmly on the burner tubes. They keep the distance equal on the other end of the burner tube where they sit over the orifices on the manifold valves.
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This is the “sidewinder” 300 series grill, and even though it has a crossover tube like the earlier Genesis grills, this one has a screw for each of three burners.
No, I was talking about the "set" screws on the left side of the grill. As you know already, on a classic Genesis, the two outer burners go into these while the middle burner is supported by the cross-over ignition tube.

On the first 300 series grills that still had the lengthwise burners and side controls they went to each burner being held in with a screw, even though it still has a crossover ignition tube. I have a firebox for this grill in my "waiting" pile and I confirmed that it has three of these screws that we always advise to leave in.

Now if he really meant the screws that hold the manifold to the firebox then I have been misunderstanding him this whole time.
As a related side note: I had the same kind of issue with the four screws that hold the slide rails for the grease tray on my Silver C. (Yr 2000) They were corroded to the point where the slot was barely there. No choice but to dive in a try to remove them. I removed the box and put some PB Blaster on them, tapped them with a small hammer and waited until the next day. I knew a socket would just round them off more, so I clamped down on them with my big vice grips. I adjusted them to the point where it took the force of both hand to clamp them down, then I gently turned until it moved very slightly. Then I worked them back and forth in small increments until they were free/out. There was no way to tell if they were really coming unscrewed or twisting off until they started moving back and forth enough to tell. I got them all out this way. Interestingly the threads on the screws were in decent shape as they appear to be stainless steel. They would have been very hard to drill out. I used the new screws that came with the rails which are a light gray color. Not sure if they're stainless with a coating or not. All of the screws tightened down except one, which just wouldn't. I used blue removable Loc-Tite on that one, and Permatex silver never seize on the other three. Good to go.
You know what this thread needed right from the beginning? A photo!


You're welcome! :rolleyes:
Would you put anti-seize on the threads or would it be too hot for it. I suppose I should check the can to see the temperature range. 🤦*♂️
No need for anti-sieze. They are NOT supposed to be removed any way. They are simply place holders for the burners and are designed to never be removed. Don't ask me why Weber puts normal looking screws in there, as it just invites someone to put a wrench or screwdriver on them and remove them which is a NO NO. Most of the time, you will wind up twisting them off any way.

So, just replace them if you already removed them and leave them be. You do not have to remove them to get the burner tubes out. But you do have to remove the manifold.
Bruce, thanks to you and others posting about not removing them I did not. I did remove the Screws for the Z rails for the drip tray and the manifold bolts. Should I put anti-seize on them when I reinstall them, along with the bolt that holds the firebox in place? Thanks!