Water pan replacement in 2022



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I've never used a water pan in mine.
But recently I was browsing in a store and noticed a deep cast iron pot..... About 16 in in diameter.and 4-5" deep. . And I couldn't help but think but if I took an angle grinder and cut those handles off the sides of it.... Not only would it add Mass... But it would probably be a pretty good heat diffuser and it could still hold water if you wanted to put water in it

Larry D.

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I bought the Winco bowl to replace the Brinkmann pan that has been the base for my Piedmont Pan for many years (but now has many rusted pinholes). It arrived today, and was too big to fit into the WSM. The diameter was a little over 16 inches and it would not have fit even if I cut notches in the rim. Maybe Winco has changed suppliers. The information on Amazon lists the diameter correctly, but I didn't check anything but the part number. So be aware that the bowl that worked in the past may not work today.