Wanted suggestions for new pit probe


Andrew F

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After using my heater meter to check / calibrate the my oven temp I have found that my pit probe was reading 40+ behind my "meat" probes. I checked all of the probes in boiling water and found that yes, my pit probe was off by over 40 degrees. I attempted to adjust it with "offset" and it would get close to the correct temp, but then start reading even lower, like back to 180 in boiling water.
I assume that my pit probe is failing after many years of use, so I'm looking for suggestions on what is best now. I'm looking at the Thermoworks - Q air probe ( https://www.thermoworks.com/ths-113-645/ ) but wonder if there is a better / cheaper alternative.


That's a thermocouple, and as a general rule, nearly dead simple and very difficult to foul up. They're just 2 wires made of different metals, welded at the tip, no electronics of any sort. Before replacing it, I'd open up the case around the plug and make sure that you have good connections without bridging.

Andrew F

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That’s what I thought, but I’ve been running the heatermeter for years. I suppose the connection could be crapping out but I figured the probe might be the culprit


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I had the same issue this summer a thermocoupler I bought 5-6 years ago died.

I ended up buying the thermoworks one but if you are looking for cheaper: