Twenty Dolla Holler - New Q200 Pickup

I just listed the Cast Iron colored one today for $125. Just got a message offering $80, so not to bad to start out. I'll be happy with $100, but really happy if I get the full $125.
Sold the cast iron one for $100 to a nice lady and her daughter. I’ll take that.
It got ok action when I listed it yesterday for $125. Got 3 messages about it and 3 offers... $75, $80 and $100.
Got no messages today, so I reached out to the $100 offer and she picked up an hour later. Easy peazy. Freed up space for me to buy another one 😎
Well, the blue paint is ruined on my Q. Went to take the cover off this morning and it was stuck to the lid. I peeled it off and some of the blue paint came off with the cover 😠

I guess since it's a keeper it'll be fine. I just feel bad about selling now, thinking this might happen to a buyer



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Wow, I wonder what would cause that. Putting the cover on before the grill was cooled down? Not curing the paint?
One thing I do know is that spray paint is never going be as durable as the factory powder coat. But, I would think it would hold up better than that.
I thought I cured the paint pretty well. And I used it about 4-5 times and it got to max heat while cooking. I even left the cover off for two weeks before putting on to give the paint and clear coat time to dry and air out and all that. I put the cover on the next morning after cooking so I know it was cool

I think maybe it just got too hot outside while cover was on it...was in the 80s a few days here...

Disappointed, but it's my keeper grill and I'll live with it until I feel like repainting...guess I'll just not use a cover on it going forward


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The good thing about Q grills is that they are pretty much bullet proof and not using a cover won't lead to the destruction of the grill.

Jon Tofte

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Never seen anything quite like that. I had a red Q I repainted and used a cover on it here in hot Florida and never had that happen. I didn’t even do a first class paint job or prep. I wonder a little about the interaction of your clear coat and paint, but admit that I am stumped...
It's strange. The paint and clear coat looked amazing. Even when it rained on it, the rain rolled right off it. No clue why it did that. Either way, I'll be going cover-less on the Q from now on. I moved it below the deck to live with the charcoal grills now, since it's kind of an eye sore now.


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I don't have a sure fire answer. If the lid was ground down to bare metal, you could sand it down, then throw down 1-2 coats of blue and a couple more coats of clear. I would just sand it down enough to get the damaged paint smoothed out though.

It if was painted over the old cream colored factory paint, then it will be tough to get an even texture after painting unless you sand the entire lid evenly.

Also maybe consider a different brand of paint/clear this time.
I'm going to try sanding down just to rough it up, putting same blue paint on, then use a Rust-Oleum clear this time.... And of course won't be using the cover.
For curing the paint on the lid (not powder coat). I set grill to high for 20 min, then let it cool off for about 30 min....then let it run at full heat for another 30 min, then cooled it down.... then did it again for 30 min. Each time it got at or above 500 degrees.

I assume that would be enough to cure it. I also cooked on it 3-4 times. I remember feeling the lid and it didn't feel sticky or soft. Just strange that the cover did that. Still not sitting well with me. Should I be curing the paint longer than what I did?