Tuesday Night's Cutting Edge!

I am so happy that you didn't do a Geir type show and tell with your wound. No offense to Geir:D
I am so happy it was not worse.
I am so happy you got to eet before the accident.
I would be MUCH happier if I could have been there for your great looking chuck-eye and cactus cook!
And Super-Duper happy if I had left before the knife incident!
Guns don't cut people, knives do.
Jim..I hope the finger is doing better...at least you did it on something worthwhile...Did you like the Alaskan...so far the summer is my favorite.
Thanks again for all those kind words:)
the finger is doing well... it's looking better than i expected and not nearly as bad as i thought...


the BIG bandage is off and only a
BAND-AID® now covers it.
Now, back to the grill:D

yes, Kim, the Alaskan beer is good stuff, bought more yesterday
Jim, sorry to hear about your finger. Really glad to see it is haling well. Just one question, please tell me that was a stock photo of the hospital, and that you didn't take your camera with you to the emergency room!!
Best of luck,
Tim (formerly Tim the grillaholic)
thanks Tim, yes, that is a photo from the internet... :) i did not think to take my camera at the time
Great lookn cook jim...so feeling your pain chum. I did the same last year. Cut the top of my thumb off with a freshly honed global.