Throwdown #22: Tailgate Party

Bacon wrapped sausages

Here's our entry. Bacon wrapped sausages.

Started with some refreshments.

Did the fire old school style. I recently bought a performer on CL. The guy gave me lighter fluid. So used on my lump charcoal.

Sausages wrapped in bacon and onions are chopped

Indirect cook

Did a final sear over the fire.

Here it is plated with bbq beans and potatoe salad.

Thanks for looking.

Tony and Maribel
Here are my entries to Throwdown #22, Tailgate Party. I did a Pulled Beef Sandwich with caramelized onions and a horseradish sauce. I did a mac and cheese dish on the side. If I understand the directions, I have to submit my entry as two separate posts. Here is post #1 for the Pulled Beef sandwich.

Rubbed down a 3.8 lb. chuck roast.

On WSM at 225.

Flipped after 1 1/2 hours. Continued for another 1 1/2 hours.

Put in beef broth.

Covered tightly with foil and let cook for another 2 hours.

Began the pull.

Toasted up some Onion Rolls.

Plated. Pulled beef topped with caramelized onions and horseradish sauce.
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Here is my Macaroni and Cheese Casserole. Again, this is my part 2 entry to the Throwdown 22: Tailgate Party.

Made up a nice cheese sauce.

Added the macaroni and poured in to my CI Skillet.

Got the mac and cheese on my 26 inch OTG for about 45 minutes.


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Cliff, was that a chuck roast? that is some gooding looking beef, you nailed that. How hot was it when you put it in the bath and what temp did you pull it at?
Yes, it was a Chuck Roast. It was almost 160 when I put it in the bath. Pulled it at 200. Rested for almost three hours in cooler.
Cliff that sandwicks looks soooo yummy and mac and cheese WOW! Would you share you recipe for mac and cheese I'd love to have it. Thanks
Sure. Be glad to give you the recipe. When I get home I'll send you the link. It's pretty basic, but sure was good. We're still eating it!
Ok, here goes my first attempt at a pit challenge. For my entry I went it a Chili-Cheese Bratwursts.

Started by making the chili. This is family recipe that my mom has been making my whole life on the stove. I recently made it in a cast iron pot on the kettle with some smoke, and now it's even better than my mom's! Don't tell her. haha

Here's the ingredients for the chili. I cooked the beef (about a 1/3 of the package shown) in a CI skillet. Then through it all all together in my CI pot. One ingredient missing from the pictures is bacon....gotta have bacon.


Here is everything hanging out in the pot together. It was all cooked with the lid off so the smoke could make its was in there. Then they were taken off and let cool down while we went to church. For some reason this recipe is even better after its been cooled and then re-heated. I know it makes no sense but it's true.


Since this is was meal was made in honor of my Broncos kicking off the season, I felt it appropriate to use some Colorado Brats


Chili back on to heat back up as the brats cook along with the buns.


Assembled with some cheese on top and then back on indirect to melt the cheese.


The wife made some cream cheese and bean dip to go on the side. all served on some appropriate tailgating china.




Thanks for looking.
I guess I'm a little late.;) Bacon wrapped scallops in a key lime marinade.


Nicely done everybody.

It was on a Brinkmann BBQ though.
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