Three little pigs (shoulders)

Gary London

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I offered to make pulled pork for a party.

3 x 5.5lb boneless shoulders from Costco.

Rubbed up with Blues Hog plus a little extra sugar

Some Cherry and Apple smoke, Nice bark forming.........

......but I had to foil due to time pressure and ended up taking it out at 198f

But very, very happy with the outcome. A bit for crunchy bark would have been icing on the cake.

Did 34 buns (nasty cheap ones) with enough for another eight. Served with a splash of Stubbs Original.

Actually the best pulled pork I have ever had. Lots of compliments from guests.

The best compliment came from a young lady who had recently gone vegetarian. She looked at it and asked for a tiny sample which resulted in a request for a full portion. She loved it!
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WB Zipf

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Wow, you know it must be good if you can convert vegetarians to eating pulled pork!! Job well done.