Threads losing last visited timestamp



I've been wondering if I've been losing my mind. That still might be the case, but here's a case of odd forum behavior. Don't recall seeing this before the Xenforo conversion, or on other types of board software. I've been pondering this for several weeks and came across a good example just now.

If a thread hasn't been posted to, or visited in some time (empirically, seems that 60-90 days is a borderline,) when I go back into the thread, it takes me to the 1st post in the thread, not the first post since my last visit. The "Helpful Hints" thread just got updated today, and when clicking on the thread title, post #1 was displayed. I *KNOW* that's not the first post I haven't viewed, I have a post most of the way own the page.

Is this the intended behavior?

Chris Allingham

Staff member
I believe this behavior is controlled by a cookie. Maybe your cookie is getting deleted after 60-90 days? Or maybe Xenforo updates the cookie and your visited posts age off after 60-90 days?