THIS is how to smoke

Len Dennis

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Then they use a BIG cleaver (more like a samurai sword) to chop it up and pull, right along side. You can see it on the table to the (our) right. We had already eaten at that point so could not partake.

Robert McGee

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What a good lookin' family and the fruits of their labor! Thanks for sharing this with us!

My son, was a U.S. Army Medical Officer (retired after 20+ years). When he made Lt. Colonel, he threw a party at his home and invited all of his small Medical Unit (both enlisted and officers). He hired a local lady and her helpers to do a whole hog on his premises (this was in Fayetteville, N.C.). We attended and it was near wonderful. EVERYTHING was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the people (including the ladies who did such a fine job of BBQ).

Brings up REALLY good memories!

Keep on smokin',


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Lechon>sp? My Son's better half is Filipino and she said that's how they do it.
She enjoyed the pic as did I.