Thanksgiving Success


Karl Quist

Had a really nice Thanksgiving Day at home with just DLSW and son (and cat). Not many pictures, but fantastic meal, good company, and plenty of 'thankfulness'.

Tuesday: 12lb, fresh turkey purchased at Costco. Spatchcock and dry brine the turkey. My spatchcock skills are basic at best, so it's kind of a frankenturkey.


Thursday: smoked on the WSM. Rubbed down with olive oil and herb mix while WSM came up to temp. Dry water pan (foiled), KBB and a couple of pecan chunks. Wide open on the vents x about 2.5 hours. Pulled it off when breast temp read 155. Rest for 30 minutes while I warmed up the sides of charred/steamed brussels sprouts, steamed broccoli, corn bread, etc. Final breast temp 161.

Frankenturkey on the WSM -


Dinner table, with honored guests who have departed us in the last year or so:



TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Looks great. Condolences on losing loved ones, but I really like the idea of sharing the table with them.

Michael Richards

TVWBB Gold Member
I love that you honor those you recently lost. We do a round of rememberemce every Thanksgiving. We tell a story about someone we have lost. It helps keep them with us. This year I shared about someone I did not know but who's story of loss hit me recently.
One the bbq side, that is a good looking bird, everything I Spatchcock chickens by the time I am done cooking them the thigh quarters are disconnected from the core of the bird. Nice to see I am not the only one the thigh twist on them. I also used pecan wood for smoke on my turkey, it is my favorite on poultry and helped make them meal yesterday and today at lunch.
Wonderful spread and I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Karl Quist

Thanks everyone. It was a GREAT stay-at-home/covid precautions meal. It may be a new tradition for us.

I have to give credit to my dear wife for the table, and the idea of including our recently departed. I think it turned out beautifully. @Michael Richards haha you are certainly not alone in spatchcock mishaps. Almost invariably mine turn out goofy.