Thanksgiving 2023



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Thanksgiving was delayed a day, because my son took the holiday shift and made an insane amount of money. I prepped the bird Thursday, planning for it to dry brine until Friday and that was a good thing. However, I also made a mistake, I decided to put the butter under the skin during the overnight brining and that proved to be a fatal mistake to the skin. It basically melted off during the cook. The good news was that the meat was insanely moist, probably the most moist turkey to date. So Thanksgiving 2023 will be known as the ugly Thanksgiving. My wife made an amazing Smoked Sweet Potato Casserole and Wonderful French Apple Pie served with homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and my son and his girlfriend made some amazingly good Mashed Tatters. I was so bummed about the bird until I had a bite and was grateful that Thanksgiving wasn't ruined. Lesson learned: Overnight dry brining good, overnight garlic butter under the skin, bad. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the forthcoming Turkey Sandwiches

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Well heck yeah!
That looks like a great meal.

Thanksgiving is the only meal I don’t cook.
My wife and kids swear by gramma’s special recipe’s so I get to watch football and tinker with the crap from Black Friday sales.

Happy Thanksgiving Chuck (y).
Looks great Chuck!
Doing ours's tomorrow, the covi bug hit a few of us early this week.