Sweet Craigslist Score!!


TVWBB All-Star
Picked up my first offset smoker last Monday. A Lang model 84 deluxe. Got it off of Craigslist for $2600. Needs some tlc, but still a good deal. The guy i got it from had it for about 12yrs and I don't think that he ever cleaned it! I spent over 2hrs scraping 40lbs of crap out of the cooking chamber.

Going to be firing it up this Saturday night, not only my first cook with an offset but my first overnight with an offset! Heaven help me! 😀😊😧😑😴

Robert T

Judging from the stuff you post it will be an outstanding first cook. Congrats on the smoker. It's pretty cool!

Tommy B

Looks like an awesome cooker. If I was ever to go offset I would look at a reverse flow such as your new rig!
When I see stuff like this I wish I had more people to cook for!

Luke P

TVWBB All-Star
Wow! That is a great pick up. I wish I could justify that one to the wife. I'd do whole pigs, and cook for 20, even when it was just us at home. Just cause I COULD ;)