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When you aren't using your WSM, do you store it with the vents open or closed? I know that I should clean out my water pan and empty the ashes, but I am not sure if I should leave the vents open or closed. Thanks.

Rich G

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Troy, I think it depends a little on the humidity where you live (probably relatively low in Iowa?) I store mine with the vents closed, and the center section upside down (the way it's engineered, it encourages rain water to run down the insides to collect in the charcoal bowl.) Definitely empty and clean your water pan, and remove the ashes once it's cold and you're sure you don't have any embers hiding out anymore.

Chris has some storage tips in THIS ARTICLE.

Hope that helps!


Jerry C

I been doing this for years i have a Cover for my Weber 18in smoker i clean well and then leave open vents i place a heavy duty plastic over dome and then place the Polyester BBQ cover over that ,it covers the whole BBQ,Im in Northeast and a lot snow.I use the small weber grill Jumbo if i want to cook during harsh winter.Never had any water or moisture and its as clean as a whistle.I may be annal about keeping my unit in good condition BUT i had for 6 years and still looks great
jerry C
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Dean in Mich.

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For me.. in garage.. fuel door off and laid inside... ALL vents open.. grates and water bowl removed.
It gets dusty a bit but never moldy.!!

Anne M.

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I store mine with all vents open, all pieces taken apart.
I got the space to do it and in our wet season it gets soooo humid, I feel it is better to have as much ventialation going through it as possible.
In the dry, it won't matter much


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I store mine with the vents open. I also purchased a waterproof cover for it as we get some really crazy weather here.