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Just heard about the Cajun Bandit upgrade door for the WSM...anyone have anything good or bad to say about it ? I'm thinking about getting one. Basically I want a quick easy fix to losing heat around my standard door.
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I got one for my 22.5 WSM for Christmas. Its a nicely made and heavy door compared to the Weber one. Mine needed just a hair of a tweak to get it to fit snug and its been leak free since day 1. You will need to transfer your handle hardware from the old to the new.
Due to this forum, my stock Weber door never even saw it's first cook. Cajun Bandit is what should have came on the unit...
I have had a Cajun Bandit SS Door on my 18.5 wsm for several years and am happy with it. In fact I just put one on my 22.5 wsm this past weekend. They are a quality product.

I never understood why Weber has such flimsly, craptastic doors on these great smokers.

The only warning I can give you is; while it's a simple switch out, pay attation to the order of the washers and nuts as you dis assemble the handle. On my 18.5 wsm (old style round knob) I lost a lock washer....argh! took me a while to figure out why the latch kept getting tighter when I turned the handle to close it. :confused:

On my new 22.5 it's easy to overtighten the screw and strip the brass insert in the plastic handle (not the threads themselves but the knurled brass insert will strip out in the plastic handle). Pulling the brass insert out and a bit of super glue in the plastic handle fixed this for me. Once again pay attention to the washers and oritention of everything. The new style handle is notched to fit the latch, I didn't have my glasses on...and hey how hard can this be to screw a handle on? took me a "few" minutes to get the handle to seat correctly. My lesson? Don't wait until you're ready to cook to decide you want to change out the door. :)
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I guess I was lucky cause my original 08 WSM door gave me zero probs, ya they are flimsy but easy to bend back if need be. Those CB SS doors are nice and look well made.
Now if they ever decide to do some SS vents...:wsm:

No doubt the cb door is better, but once I adjusted the original door to fit better, I've had no
I'm with David. I'm sure the CB door is better, but I've been able to tweak my stock Weber door to fit pretty good.
Mine eventually sealed off.

I was able to tweek my orig one too and it fit okay with no leaks after a few smokes and I even packed it away as a spare. Like I said above though I got the CB one as a gift and it its much heavier and not as easy to bend out of shape again..
I got my CB door the other day. Seems to seal well along the sides, but the top edge has some gaps that I can't quite get reduced further by trying to increase or decrease the diameter. I got it as close as I can, and I'll see how well it seals on Saturday. Definitely better than the stocker though.
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had to tweek my original weber door, but no problems....although the CB does look really nice and is a bit heavier duty. (JMO)