Some what new....questions for gateway rib hanger about multi level cooking


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Hi there. All of my WSM 22" cooking has been on the top level only. So far, I been fairly good at producing pulled pork and rakes of ribs. Recently I purchased the rib hanger from Gateway and I have a few questions. Also curious about two grate smoking and your experiences as I have never done it.

Rib hanger- Does it need to be seasoned or cleaned a certain way before using? Second, what should I be aware of for temps and cook times now that the ribs are hanging closer to the bottom?

Lower level- I'm just wondering what are some of the different food combination that people have done and what the temps might be like at the lower level when set for my normal 250?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Lew Newby

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I can only talk about the lower level cooking. I've done Ribs and Pork butt on both levels at the same time on my 18.5 and food on the lower grate takes longer to cook. Our illustrious host, Mr. Allingham, put a lot of work into the investigation of different temps inside the WSM. The article should answer many questions for you.

Larry D.

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The Gateway rib hanger does not need seasoning ( not sure what that would accomplish anyway). I washed mine (and the hooks, which are the only thing that actually touch the food) with dish detergent and hot water just in case there was any oil or other manufacturing residue.

Lewis B

I have only hung ribs once. I cut them in half to reduce the weight & and increase distance to fire. If you cut them, you should have room to use lower grate as a catch net in case ribs tear and fall.