Smoked Chicken


Bob Bailey

TVWBB Wizard
Smoked this 6.4# yardbird this afternoon. Dry brined with Kosher salt for ~4 hours, Dusted with Hatch Chili seasoning from Sam's and put on the kettle at 225F, over a mixture of briquets and lump with a good-sized chunk of apple wood. Allowed the temp to free rise to ~375 over about 45 minutes. Turned out very tasty.Bird.jpg
Looks fantastic. Served with or at least enjoyed some homebrew while cooking I hope!
Next best thing to homebrew. Just stocked up on Celebration. This year's iteration is great. Keezer was empty until I kegged a batch yesterday. Wasted 2 weeks fermenting the annual cider. Anything to keep SWMBO happy :)
Sorry, Bob. Not trying to hijack the thread. You inspired me to make another one last night! Spatched it...pretty tasty. I spritz with a water/ACV combo about every 20 minutes. Temps ran fairly high...375 or so. Thanks for the inspiration!