Smoke Day Pork Butt prep has begun.

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Dwain Pannell

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I've trimmed the butt and placed it in a bourbon brine based on a recipe found in Weber's Smoke cookbook. When I return from a planned boating outting tonight (after 12 + hours in the brine), I will apply the rub to the butt, prep and rub the St L ribs, and prep the smoker for an early start Sat. On Smoke Day, my plan is to have the butt on at 0400 and the ribs will go on at 1100 when I wrap the butt in half a bottle of Stubb's pork marinade.
Phase 2 is now complete: After 12 hours, I removed the butt from the bourbon brine, applied mustard and rub to the butt, wrapped it in saran wrap and alum foil and placed it back in the fridge. I trimmed the spares and cut them to St Louis style, applied mustard and rubbed them with three different recipes wrapped them in saran wrap and placed them back in the fridge as well. I plan to smoke the meaty trim pieces from the ribs when I start the butt at 0400. I'll put them in the beans when I put the ribs on at 1100.
Phase 3 underway: 0330 wake up call, half a chimney lit and pot of coffee on. Butt went on at 0400.

Smoke Day was a huge success. I love it when the comment from the first bite is "Oh My Goodness, This Is Good!"

Here's me doin my thing


I did the St Louis cut ribs with three different rubs and sauces using the 3-2-1 method.



I wrapped the butt in half a bottle of Stubb's pork marinade. It made a GREAT au jus.



I dusted the rib trimmings with rub and put them on the smoker with the butt this AM. I pulled them off when I wrapped the butt, chopped the trimming up and added it to the bake beans that I put under the ribs for the 6 hour cook. Momma made Cock of the Walk slaw and some deviled eggs to make an excellent plate. ...and I can't eat BBQ without pickles. LOL

Everything looks great, just curious about the bourbon brined pork butt. This recipe got my attention when I got the book, just hate the thought of wasting good bourbon. Any feedback on this would be appreciated, thanks.
I used Maker's Mark and to be honest I didn't notice much bourbon taste. The Pulled Pork turned out excellent but the distinct bourbon taste did not come through the rub, smoke, and Stubb's.
I'm new here and still waiting on my 22" to get delivered later this week.

What's the bottle filled with next to your smoker and what's its purpose?

What's the 3-2-1 method?

Your pictures made me hungry and jealous!
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