Smoke Day 9 - Pepper Stout Beef


Glenn Baumgarth

TVWBB Member
Was planning on a brisket but ended up with a couple of extra kids around the house for the weekend. Too busy to try and deal with after staying up most of the night tending to a brisket. So...Pepper Stout Beef instead. Kept seeing posts with it and thought it looked wonderful...I was right!! This was my first one and there will be many more to come.

Started with a 4.7 pound Chuck Roast cut special by the butcher at the local Fry's. Used a red, yellow and orange pepper instead of two green peppers (I can handle the others, but the green peppers just sit with me wrong). Onion, minced garlic, Guinness Extra Stout and Worcestershire Sauce.

All of the ingredients ready to go and the chuck roast with salt and pepper overnight in the fridge.

Sunny and 98 lovely degrees today in the desert. On and ready for the 3 hour smoke (ended up doing 3.5 hours at around 250-255 since I had to go to the store and pick up ABT ingredients for Monday).

Veggies cut and everything else thrown in and ready to go. Removed the seeds and membrane from the jalapenos since family doesn't like it too hot.

Tried getting the WSM back up to 325-350 for about 1.5 hours. Even added 30 more briquettes but could only get to 295. Ended up putting it in the oven for 1.5 hours to finish it off. All tender and ready to pull.

Big batch of YUMMY!!

On ciabatta rolls with pepper jack cheese.

Like I said earlier, too many kids running around the house so no sides. Everybody got their favorite chips to go with the sandwiches. All except two loved them. 11 year old tried it and then opted for hot dogs. Wife thought it was "okay" but wasn't exactly asking for them again (which is a good start since she doesn't really like peppers, onions or Guinness).

Wonderful sandwiches!! Thanks to Larry Wolf for posting this recipe all those years ago. Thanks for looking. Have a great holiday weekend and don't forget to THANK A VET!!!

Yup, this is a great recipe. Can't wait to do it again. Last time it was a hit, especially with a little gorgonzola cheese in the sandwich. Killer !! :cool: