SlowNSear Elevated Cooking Grate

My Weber Performer Deluxe Grlll is equipped with the excellent SlowNSear Plus and DripNGriddle Pan which I use 95% of the time. However, I also have the SlowNSear SS Elevated Cooking Grate which gets very little use. Question, how do you use your SlowNSear Elevated Cooking Grate in your grilling adventures?

Greg in Utah

TVWBB Super Fan
I made my own elevated grate out of an 18” cooking grate and some stainless hardware.

I put a cast iron skillet on mine with spuds or jalapeños and onions. Corn on the cob does well up there. So does spatchcockEd chicken. Food browns well up near the dome of the lid.

They really increase the cooking space! Have fun with yours.