Sinton TX IBCA



Rolled the new Jambo up the road for a comp yesterday. Not only the first comp on this new pit, but the first ever cook on it. No surprises as it runs just the same as my smaller pit. Having the trailer to use was amazing and as we keep adding things it will only get better.

So, 28 teams. 6th chicken, 7th ribs and 12th brisket(getting better as last two comps I was at the bottom). Finished 8th overall. Had a blast and can't wait for the next one. Here are a few photos. The brisket photo was before I took a last look and flipped the front slice to hide the flaw. Thanks for looking. IMG20230909073907.jpgIMG20230909120429.jpgIMG20230909133652.jpgIMG20230909150642.jpg