Seemed like a good idea.


So before I received my Smokefire and all these videos popped up about the issues they have, I was really looking forward to mine arriving, so I ordered up some Lou Malnati’s pizzas to be sent out here to California. Figured it would be a tribute to Chicago and Weber’s SmokeFire launch.
Good news they are on the way and Friday night I’m throwing a few on for the family. Should be as easy as they made it look in the YouTuber lunch video.
I hope.
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Fired it up got smoke right away, setting it to 425, going put on a couple of Lou Malnati’s Chicago style pizzas, the same pizzas weber served at the infamous YouTube party where they only grilled on a smoker.


Anyone see a problem above? It shot to 470 in 12 minutes and the set temp was 425.
Putting pizzas back in freezer to see if it settles down.

Jason in CA

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I have a thought on that but since I don't own one of these things and I'm no expert I think I'll stay out of this one.


It will probably settle, lots of poopers overshoot then drop, especially when going to higher temps.


Pretty damn good, the smokefire did a good job getting to temp and pretty much stayed there.

J Grotz

Every user photo I have seen has ash everywhere. I wonder if the fan spec changed from prototype to production. I don’t recall any of the Chicago intro videos showing any ash.

Jon Tofte

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The more I look at these shots, the more it seems to me that the whole idea of using flavorizer bars and opening up the firepot more to the grates is inherently going to cause ash to fly up and out. The more traditional pellet grills have much less opening and a large enough shield to block most of that. Of course, the flavorizer open design is exactly why the SmokeFire can rev up the heat and make a fiery, searing show of grilling steaks.