Seemed like a good idea.


The more I look at these shots, the more it seems to me that the whole idea of using flavorizer bars and opening up the firepot more to the grates is inherently going to cause ash to fly up and out. The more traditional pellet grills have much less opening and a large enough shield to block most of that. Of course, the flavorizer open design is exactly why the SmokeFire can rev up the heat and make a fiery, searing show of grilling steaks.
I eat a lot of BBQ with my hands and I haven’t noticed the ash on the food. You have to trust me here, but I’m really touchy about that. I fought with GMG to return one of their grills cause soot/ash was always all over my food. Pizzas are a great way to test it, the usually turn gray in color and I haven’t seem that. The ash is all over the chamber, but doesn’t seem to land on the food somehow.


Nice work on all that food. I’m thinking about possibly keeping my smokefire, what’s the deal breakers for you that make you think you’ll return it to Lowe’s?
I’m going to try something low and slow this weekend and see how it does.


My reason is I get angry when there are grease fires and I see huge risks for them on this grill. When you add that to the other issues I feel like it’s adding up too much for a $1000 product. I could use drip pans all the time when smoking, but not sure that I want to or feel you should have to. Then when you add not being able to trust it to keep running overnight, I start thinking I need to get it back to Lowe’s ASAP.

Jon Tofte

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I have to reluctantly agree that absent some serious effort by Weber to address these issues - that is if they really even can - I can't blame you early adopters (and BBM) for giving up. The biggest positives I have enjoyed with pellet grilling are consistent, easy results and very low maintenance operation. I have taken head that perhaps I have been a little too cavalier running my Rec Tec while I am not right there at home, but I have never had reason to have the fears this turn of events is creating for using the SmokeFire. What a terrible, terrible shame.

I haven't decided if Weber honestly didn't know how this thing was going to perform in the real world or whether there really was a dark side to it where they concealed issues such as those who have noticed that at the November show-off they controlled everything and you didn't get to see a SmokeFire doing the end of a long low and slow cook. If the latter turns out to have a significant amount of truth to it there is definite liability and culpability. I am hoping somehow that it isn't what really happened. Story still unfolding...