Sardines like 'em or hate 'em?



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Heads up, Costco has Season brand boneless & skinless sardines in olive oil for $3 off per pack of 6 now through Jan. 23. Limit 10. $6,99 with discount at my Costco,
Hard to beat this amount of nutrition for $1.17 per tin.
Guess I'm going to Costco before 01/23/22


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I saw those yesterday and was going to post them for you. I wonder how they taste? Since while I WANT to like the little fishies I find the offerings I have tried to be bland and tasteless. (no I don't want ones with peppers and such). Even the smoked ones MEH. Or they're so bony it's like trying to eat a hair brush

Rusty James

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No Costco in these parts unfortunately. I did pick up three tins of King Oscar cold water sardines at Walmart however.


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Love King Oscar sardines IF the package says "Two Layer." These are the really small ones (like they all were when I was a kid back in the 60's). They cost more but where else should you splurge more important than your food!