Reverse seared steaks Weber 22 kettle

Chuck Elkins

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First. I Have to say, that I love my Weber grill. I got into smoking and back into charcoal grilling during Covid. Today was Chuck Eye Steaks (poor man Ribeye). Offset cooked at 225 Degrees with just 15 briquettes. at 115 degrees internal pulled to rest. Added chimney of hot charcoal. Seared to 130 degrees. For cheap(ish) steaks they were fabulous. Oh yeah, and added a few brats while the coals were hot.


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Lynn Dollar

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That's what I do if I use the Kettle, except I use the baskets to sear, unless there's too much meat to fit the space .

Rich Dahl

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Chuck eyes around here are the number two unicorn after beef short ribs. Yours look perfect.


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Looks great, love chuck eye's . found some at Sams that had been cut with another section attached that I was unable to identify, they were 10" or so around, it was angus and turned out well, wish I had taken a picture of them. It looked like sirloin but who knows, will buy again regardless.