- Resources for Planning a Texas BBQ Trip


Chris Allingham

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If you're heading to The Lone Star State and want help planning a barbecue crawl, here are some good resources:

Read my article about the TVWB Central Texas Barbecue Crawl: Where To Go, What To Eat, And Tips For Planning Your Own Trip

Texas Monthly BBQ: From TexasMonthly magazine. They list the current Top 50 BBQ joints in the state, a list of 300+ reviews, visitor comments, a list of recent magazine articles about BBQ, and more.

Texas Monthly BBQ App: Reviews, ratings, directions/maps to the best BBQ joints in Texas for your iPhone or Android device.

Full Custom Gospel BBQ: Highly regarded Texas barbecue blogger Daniel Vaughn. AKA @BBQsnob on Twitter.

Man Up Texas BBQ: Another well-respected Texas barbecue blog.

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Every little Texas town with a meat market, butcher, will usually have BBQ. They process wild game for hunters and smoke sausage as a byproduct of their work. The fun is discovering them as you travel across Texas.

Mark B

Thanks for this guys. For better or worse I am going to Dallas and will have a few days to kill. May be my only chance to get some real Texas BBQ. Chris, I got the app you mentioned above and I'm sure it will come in handy.

Tim McCann

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Mark, Pecan Lodge at the farmers market in Dallas. Only open friday, saturday,sunday. Get there early(10:30am) by 2-3 its all gone! Been on DDD before, even busier now.

Dwain Pannell

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We're headin home to Dallas next month for my Mom's 80th. We're planning to hit Austin and Lockhart on our way to San Antonio and back thru Lockhart to Austin again then back to 'bama. Really looking forward to the trip. Pecan Lodge, Smitty's, and Black's are on the go to list. May try to hit Franklin's and/or Stubb's.
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Jeff F

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I spent most of my adult life in Kansas City. I'll take KC ribs and pork over any place in the country, but Texas brisket puts all others to shame. There's nothing like it. That salty crisp crust and moist interior makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I'm going to have to travel in Texas for most of the month of October...I'm lining up my customer calls to fit in amongst my barbecue stops.