Picked Up 3 Grills This 4 Of July Here Are 2 Going Under Rebuild 1 Skyline


I picked up 3 grills on the 4th of July, 1 Skyline 2 Burner Great Shape, 1 Summit Silver Bad Shape, and 1 Genesis. No photos of Silver but here are the other 2. I am going to restore the Genesis, is very dirty but came with smoker and rotisserie. I don't think he ever cleaned it. The Skyline is in great shape, just needs a little cleaning.

I got all three for under $80.00.

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The Skyline 2 burner looks like a great pickup. The silver looks like it needs a lot of cleaning, but might wind up being a solid pickup as well.

Rich Dahl

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Agree with Bruce the skyline should be an easy clean up. The silver is going to take a lot of work to clean up, but the bones look good.

Jon Tofte

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Great haul! I keep trying for one of those elusive 2-burner Skylines. I just want the hood and then want to put it on a Genesis Silver A body with the thermoset fold-down tables. Another custom Skyline.

Good luck with all those! Let us know how they work out for you.